War and Peace Read-a-long

During June and July, I have undertaken the Herculean task of reading War and Peace by Count Leo Tolstoy.  Outside of Turgenev, I have never read a piece of Russian literature, but was compelled to read this massive tome when I learned of the War and Peace Read-a-long created and hosted by two BookTubers who I greatly admire: Ange of Beyond the Pages and Yamini of TheSkepticalReader.

To facilitate the reading and discussion of this novel, the hosts have created a group at GoodReads and a Twitter feed which will be the mode of information dissemination, as well as facilitated discussion.

Personally, I will be reading the Penguin Classics edition of War and Peace, written by County Leo Tolstoy and translated by Anthony Briggs; however, the hosts have spoken of several translations that can be read in their introductory videos: Ange, Yamini, and their live stream collaboration.

They have also created a reading schedule and various translation samples using Google docs.

My Briggs’ edition contains 1399 pages, which may be daunting to some readers, but I have been assured that this is a wonderful read and the novel’s size should not be a deterrent to its enjoyment.

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